fruit cake

by underswansea


It takes more than a bit to get through winter around here. It takes warm long underwear, for instance, a deep woodpile and a thick slab of Sister Deb’s Christmas Cake! Anything less and you could perish!

The underwear and woodpile are self explanatory. But it’s the cake that put’s you over the other side. It lets you see spring!

It is an extra layer when the wind nips and the snow blinds and you need it most!

You can enjoy the cake looking at stars or the tops of spruce. I eat most of it, but save the last bit until I’m home.

It will keep you warm till help comes.

Deb always gives me a warning when she gives it to me. ‘I forgot to put in this or that,’ she will say. This year she said she burnt it. I thought it will need to be soaked in more Grand Marnier! She exaggerated, however. It was perfect! Like usual!

I will give one piece to my neighbour because he enjoys it so much. The rest is mine. If I ration wisely it will last to the end of February. The smaller it gets so will the pieces I take into the bush. This sounds funny but sometimes I refuse to eat the last piece in fear of being without.

Deb says it’s Mom’s recipe, but I think she has been making it long enough to call it her own.