dark woods

by underswansea


Willow didn’t get much of a walk yesterday. She only got a walk in town on a leash. She loves her walks in the bush and here swims in the river. She sniffs out rabbits and mice. Follows deer tracks and barks when it suits her.

To make it up to her we set out after work for the backside of Swansea. By five it is getting dark. There is plenty of animals bigger than her in the bush. Smarter even. Light or dark it is up to her to let her presence known and get it through to anything out there, she ain’t worth it!


That’s the way it’s done if you are born smaller or without.

The dark doesn’t creep in winter. It falls. Same with the cold. Willow spotted a woodpecker amongst the trees. It flew, barked at us a few times, before climbing into a hole of its own making.


I didn’t get much of a walk yesterday either. So it’s good to be out.