fitty-one mile

by underswansea


Shit. Fuck. Goddamn. I had no idea the road went up this high. I had to swerve around a few boulders and cut some deadfalls to get by. The truck is permanently in four wheel drive. Not like before, at the 18 mile, when I spun my tires just for fun. There was still pavement back there. Cripes I wish I had that tread back. The tires are bald. Even a skiff of snow poses a challenge. It is dirt roads. It has been for a while. I like that better anyhow. I’m out of gas but have a full tank of bacon grease! My engine knocks. It’s tough to get running in the morning. Sometimes it runs on after being turned off. Hard to say how many sign posts are ahead. Plenty of water in the creek so it could go on for awhile. No doubt it’s going to get slippery. The banks are steeper. It’s further down below. The snow will get deeper. I’ll have to be careful. Keep my eyes on the road. Which I hate to do. Just ask Lisa. We’ll have to look for a wide shoulder to stop and make love on. The scenery is better the further up the road. Or perhaps I appreciate it more. It used to whizz by. It’s tougher to remember. You never can tell what’s up there. Could be a good stretch of river with plenty of fish holes, or maybe a grove of cedar growing over bear tracks. Whatever it is it’s worth a look!