mid november

by underswansea

RCE_2579Morning creek.

Felt like spring. The clouds are low with plenty of moisture. Lisa and I wanted breakfast in the snow. We went west instead of our usual east. Once the roads got slippery, Lisa suggested I stop looking at the treetops and river bottom and concentrate on the road. I laughed and told her I could do all three at once! She didn’t see the humour in the situation.

RCE_2538Ice on the kale.

November is a good month. So much change takes place. In the valley bottom the garden is still trying. It is rain and snow, sometimes wind and freezing temperatures. It could be -30 before we count through thirty days. The sun shines here and there tricking you into thinking maybe it will stay. One can’t help but appreciate it.

RCE_2542Last of the Swiss Chard.

Sure the rain feels like needles and your feet get cold. It is worth it and preparation for what lies ahead, the long nights and silent snowfalls. The starry skies with nothing between you and them. to strive to be comfortable in such a world is more than enough. It is a gift.

RCE_2582Snow melt.

Willow waded the river, chased a snow white rabbit, barked and fetched sticks. She smiled, shivered and shook, ran the rocks and ate the treats when they were offered. That’s her job after all!

RCE_2563Willow shakes the creek out of the wire.

Winter is up there blowing in.

Very fine day!