by underswansea


The first time a car drove down Main Street all the people on horses and wagons looked on in astonishment, delight even, but they never thought such a noisy, smelly and intrusive technology would ever catch on. Now a good portion of the land is paved so the automobile can get around. We have warmed the planet due to emissions. Who would have thought? Times have changed since speeding up meant putting more grease in a wagon wheel hub.

In the the above photo there is four satellites visible. This is a snapshot of a small part of sky for 30 seconds. The brightest streak is the International Space Station. The satellites let us phone each other, share facebook posts, give us countless TV programs, keep track of our GPS position, let us aim bombs and spy on other countries while they spy on us.

All of this I look at with astonishment. How much more light will satellites beam down on us? Will the night sky become a spirograph. From the wagon I sit on I don’t think any of it will really catch on. Then again I still hate pavement.