november skies

by underswansea

_LME9187Morning breaking below Venus.

It was calling for clouds and snow, but I took no chances and woke up at 4:30 to look for myself. And there they were: clear sky and stars. Willow was awake as soon as I was, and we took off for the hills. Orion was in the west, same as Taurus. We were looking for meteors and weren’t going to fool around. We pushed past the lights and followed the stars. The road turned bumpy and Willow got excited. We were heading for Ara and Slinky’s favourite spot. Where they would chase mice and rabbits, sniff suspicious coyote shit and check the wind with their noses. We stopped well above the valley and walked the rest of the way. It was -9 and cold and shiver. At least for me. Willow didn’t seem to notice. The snags with birds in spring were bare. But the skies were out in force. Willow’s hackles were up, near the top, she barked and stood at guard on my side. She even made herself look big by prancing on her front feet. I can’t see or smell, so I appreciate her warning. I figure it was either deer or coyotes. The bears aren’t moving too quick these days. It’s been less than a year and Willow and I are still feeling each other out. I can’t ask for a more brave companion. I’m sure Ara and Slinky smiled. I looked and rubbed my cold hands. Those skies were far from clear, but so far, the best of November. Later it was a good days work. The kind you can be proud of. Tonight Lisa and I huddle and whisper tomorrows plans. Can anyone ask for anything more?

_LME9182A meteor streaks above Orion’s shoulder.