maddy and the spirits

by underswansea


My young daughter phoned. She said she was looking for spirits. She can feel them around her. I don’t doubt her when she says she can.

She learned to look for souls long ago. She learned not to be afraid of the spirit world. She has learned where to look. Madison thinks they have something to say. She takes after her Grandmother.

Like her Grandmother the spirits are bold and hard to ignore. It’s tough to understand if you can’t feel it.

Me, I know when they are around. They are a dull nuisance and buzz like mosquitoes while I swat at them.

Maddy knows better. She always did.

Her soul is deep. It goes back. She puts her ear to the track and hears their sound.

Can spirit be passed on from generations past? Like big ears or bad temper? Do we inherit memories?

I’ve learned to deal with the spirit world. For me it’s easy.

My daughter feels it all around her. She struggles with intention.

To be able to feel spirits the way Maddy does is a gift. Spirits show themselves for plenty of reasons. My Mother used to say, it takes so much energy, they only show themselves to help.

I like the thought of that. Maddy, reaches deep, like her Grandma.