early november 2

by underswansea


The snow is low now and will probably stay that way. My good neighbour dropped off a few big blocks of fir on the weekend while Lisa and I were in the city. They will make good burning when the weather turns cold. Our little grandson, Cooper Cash, is spending a few days with us. There sure is a lot of things I’m looking forward to showing him as he gets older. The sun went down and lit up the clouds in the east. Every time it changed direction it became more golden, finally coming to rest on the lake. I had to hurry and get a photo. Like Frost said, ‘Nothing gold can stay’. To think it’s November. The trees are bare. It’s touch and go from now till March. Every comfort will shine. Each sunny day will be a gift. When Cash gets older we will wake up early on cold November days before anyone else. He will learn to make a fire in the fireplace. We will have toast and jam for breakfast. Willow will beg and he will sneak her a bite when he thinks I’m not looking. It’s all gold.