early november

by underswansea


Plenty of good things to look forward to. The lake will ice over this month, but will still be too weak to hold tourists. The fervent, elite environmentalists, and rabid developers will get on jet airplanes together and go south (thank Christ). Neither like November. Not enough action I suppose. I like to imagine they drink cocktails with umbrellas together, and pat themselves on the back for supporting the third world economy. There is not much difference between the two. They both reside in the top tax bracket, andΒ are used to getting their way, they both love themselves more than their cause and I wouldn’t trust either in any situation. The snow hit the mountains pretty good. It’s wet, hovering around freezing. The ruts will harden up. The snow will block the ridges. The days will get shorter. The stars will come out and rule the leafless trees. The creeks will slow and gurgle through or beside the ice. The moose will move slow on spindle legs. The young dog and I will shiver. Prepare for winter. Share cheese. Watch the sky. By the time the cold weather hits we’ll be used to it.