venus, jupiter and mars

by underswansea

venus.jupiter.mars2Jupiter and Venus close together with Mars lower. A small meteor streaks below Mars.

Planet in ancient Greek meant ‘wandering star’. In the early morning bright Venus, Jupiter and Mars are close together. They change positions slightly from night to night due to their respective orbit and distance from Earth, unlike the stars that remain constant in relation to one another and form constellations.

As morning approached it dipped down to -9°c. The little dog didn’t seem to notice, but I sure felt cold! We stood in the frosty grass watching morning approach. It makers me wonder how I’m going to bear the colder weather lying ahead. Hopefully these chilly nights will prepare Willow and I for the crystal clear skies of winter. Maybe I’ll have to start wearing two pairs of long underwear.

orion.starsWinter constellations.