kale and under garments

by underswansea

_LME8975Cut some kale.

Frost most mornings now. The kale is covered in ice. Yet bounces back by the time the sun burns through the fog.

We have been eating it raw and cooked. Lisa blends it into her smoothies in the morning. I threw some into the pot roast with the onions, spuds and carrots. It more than held it’s own. We chop it fine for salads.

_LME8978Take out the hard ribs.

It is a versatile vegetable. It ranks up there with beets and carrots that can take any weather.

Kale chips is a favourite of mine. It is something I miss once winter hits.

_LME8982Season with pepper and garlic and toss with olive oil.

A cold night but beautiful day, I put on long underwear this morning. Damn it feels good! Lisa beat me by a day, busting hers out yesterday. The way she wears them, styling in front of the fireplace, they should be called ‘long wunderwear’!

_LME8985Cook at 310°. Check often, and take them out when they are crunchy.