by underswansea


Got a jump on the firewood this morning. It’s too hot to split in summer. October, with a chill in the air, is a good time to swing an axe. Firewood warms a person three times; when you cut it, when you split it and when you burn it.

It looks like we will have plenty, but I might get a couple more truck loads for good measure. The old chain saw is getting to the end of it’s life. It doesn’t have the power like it used to. I make sure it’s sharp to lessen it’s load. It is damn near 30 years old. A wedding gift to Lisa and I from my Mom and Dad. My Mom was embarrassed when we opened the gift in front of our wedding guests. Now thirty years later it’s still serving us.

They say we will have snow on the weekend. The kale is still growing in the cool weather and is delicious. The truck is running steady and far from stiff. The freezer is full and the tomatoes are ripening in the cellar. The leaves are down along with the creeks. Bring on winter!