by underswansea

_LME8607Venus looking bright as the moon. Jupiter coming over the mountain with Mars above jupiter. Cancer and the Beehive cluster can be seen well above Venus. Zodiacal light shines in a triangle above the mountain.  

The youngsters and I had a hefty hike planned at 8:30am. I awoke at 4:30. I wanted to see the alignment of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and a waning crescent moon. Willow, awoke, looked at me and seemed to know what I was thinking. She said, let’s go!

I knew it would make for a long day, but the alignment isn’t something you see every year. So off we went, looking for dark skies. There was some haze but the stars shone through. We picked a spot up our creek.

_LME8639Jupiter, Mars and the waning crescent moon at dawn.

Willow gave a bark here and there. We watched the stars disappear in light until only the moon and Venus remained. We were back home by 8. The boys were raring to go. Maddy made me a coffee. Willow was happy to be heading back out.

We pushed it on the hike. Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally a wonderful time. It looms large in my mind from when I was a child. We were always fishing, hunting or hiking. The tamaracks were always turning and the snow was on the verge.

Lisa and Maddy had a fantastic spaghetti dinner waiting for us when we got home.

Willow is laying on her blanket. If I told her we were heading out again she would be all for it. Everyone else has hit the sack. My legs are stiffening at the same rate as my dirty socks.

RCE_2001Waning crescent.