early october

by underswansea


It feels colder than the 8°c it reads on the thermometer. That’s the way it works. We are eased into winter. In the mountains, autumn is gentle with us. Shining a brilliant sun over clear blue skies then busting up, intermittingly, through tamaracks, before falling, like heaven, on the trail. It’s a trick. The snow and low cloud is coming, same as the tough temperatures. But by then we will be use to them. I’ll be splitting wood, bare armed, in November -8°c. The little dog won’t notice either. She wades the river daily. I’m not sure she’ll give it up come winter. It’s her decision. She is young. She will shiver and curl into her bed and flex her muscles to get warm. I plan on doing the same, but with every passing year I have less to flex. That’s how cold gets stuck in the bones. But what are you going to do? Winter is on it’s way – that’s for sure!