late september

by underswansea


Sometimes the world seems to be moving too fast for a slow old crank like me. While driving towards the river this morning a vehicle went through a stop and I had to jam on the brakes to avoid hitting him. The vehicle behind just about rear ended me. The offending vehicle sped off without so much as a look around.

Somedays everyone seems like they are in a hurry. Perhaps the mood was left over from the full blood moon a few nights ago.

Finally I was off the black top and on the back roads. It was like a breath of fresh air – but not for long. Coming towards me, in the middle of the track, was a small car going, I figure, 80 or 90 km/hr. Shit! I pulled over almost into the ditch and a young man sped by leaving me in a cloud of dust. RCE_1951

Willow and I reached our spot safely. When I exited the truck it appeared the canopy had moved. Possibly during the sudden stop while being cut off. I gave it a good tug, expecting it to give. It did not, however a muscle in my neck did!

Perhaps my neck was already tight from the drive or perhaps I’m just getting a little old. One or the other I suppose.


Willow and I went for an extra long walk. The creek and sky and everything between is beautiful at this time of year. Willow kept bringing me sticks to throw. I told her my neck was too sore, but she couldn’t understand either.