by underswansea


It is a wonderful time of year to walk the bush while the larches turn gold. We didn’t have much good weather, but when the sun poked through I turned the camera to the trees. The colour against a clear blue sky is magnificent, far better than I can show in any picture.

I remember when my son Hunter was only seven, we were hiking the high country in late September. It had snowed the night before and the sun came out against a clear blue sky. The tamaracks lit up. Some had shed their needles onto the pure white ground. It was an incredible sight.


Hunter scooped up some needles and put them into a small bag. It was a gift for his grandfather who was bedridden.

His grandfather loved the gift and the story of how incredible the tamaracks looked.

Hunter and his grandfather had a special bond. They were good friends most of all.

That was Hunter’s grandfather’s last fall. He didn’t come through the winter.

After he passed I was cleaning out his fridge. There was some cheese and jam and a small plastic bag filled with tamarack needles. They were still golden. A reminder of everything special.