low snow but no frost

by underswansea


Got to see the river today, which was good. Was asked to kiss someone’s ass today, which was bad. I never was good at kissing ass, but the older I get the worse I get at it. Unfortunately, the older I get the more I’m asked to do it.

Whenever I’m asked to kiss ass there is a voice in my head that says, ‘just do it, no shame, nothing personal, get it over with and everything will be fine.’

The funny thing is the people I’ve respected the most over the years have never asked a single soul to kiss their ass. Sure, they may get angry, but they respect someone standing up for himself, over someone who only says ‘yes sir,’ under any circumstance. They know that’s how good work gets done.

Kissing ass isn’t the same as saying sorry.

The folks who want their asses kissed, and there is plenty of them out there, are tough to contend with. Many of them have gotten themselves into pretty good jobs. Kissing ass to get there. It’s a vicious cycle.

If I know anything true, the river will be up come spring, the salmon are limited, and the guy without my lips on his buttocks won’t forget it.