mars, crescent moon and venus

by underswansea

_LME8523.smCrescent and Venus. Sirius, Orions dog and the sky’s brightest star is to the far right of the frame. 

Willow and I were up before light to watch Venus and a waning crescent moon rise together. We headed down the Westside and walked to the banks overlooking Lake Windermere. Willow sniffed and checked the trail. She was happy for the early morning wakeup call. It is a bonus walk for her, delightfully unexpected.

Mars could also be seen to the left of the moon. Venus, now the morning ‘star’ is exceeding bright even giving the crescent moon a run for it’s money.

venusMars, Crescent Moon and Venus

I have always enjoyed watching Venus and the moon rise together. One of the most spectacular sights in nature I have ever witnessed, was watching Venus and then a thin crescent moon, adorned with earth shine, rise close together on a crystal clear -30 morning. The sight was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

It was 9° when we set out then dropped to 5° as light started to wash away all but the brightest stars. By the time we walked back to the truck we were both happy for the bonus walk.

Very fine morning.