everybody likes a little head

by underswansea


Cut a few cabbages to make sauerkraut. I’ve never made it before so this is new to me. Every recipe I read made it sound like you had to be a chemist to pull it off.

When it comes to the garden and food I’ve always found simple is better. Then I started thinking, everybody made sauerkraut in the old days so how hard could it be.

I found my old beer-making keg beneath the stairs. Perfect for fermenting cabbage. My old film enlarger was back there and it got me thinking. Even found the Christmas tree stand I lost five years ago.

The cabbages weighed about 10 pounds each. It took forever to shred them.


I snacked on the hard bits. My mother said I was allergic to a lot of food when I was a wee boy. She had trouble finding food I could eat. One of the things I could eat was raw cabbage. She would give me the heart and I loved it. It is funny because I still love raw cabbage. Now I am allergic to nothing. I packed up the hearts and tough veins for snacking later.

I found a plate and rock to weigh it down. The rock is from Boulder Creek and full of minerals. It will be six weeks before I can tell if it has worked and turned into sauerkraut. Deb says she might try it if I don’t die after eating it.

_LME8476Willow keeps watch of the fermentation.

It was Lynn and Dan over at http://homesteadingon4dacres.com that provided the inspiration to give this a try. They have a great blog. I thank them for lighting a fire under my arse.

Well, it’s been fun. Now only time will tell. If it works out I’m going to cook a foot long hotdog begging for sauerkraut! I’ll keep you posted.