little bird

by underswansea


Chill in the air, but still well above freezing. Lisa hinted at a fire. It took a good supper to warm us. Fall is the best of seasons. A root of spuds, a few carrots and beets roasted with a piece of meat. That’s good eating!

A small bird hit the window tonight while we were dishing up. A flock was flying through. The little bird took a few hours to come to its senses. Then it flew, well behind the flock. It’s hard to say how it will do.

I think it was a young Cedar Waxwing. It reminded me how we all get separated from the flock once and awhile. Sometimes people make it back and sometimes they don’t. We chalk it up to luck or desire. But it has less to do with us and more with what nature decides to do with us.


That doesn’t mean our destiny is predetermined. On the contrary, we are born into a world where we can wonder and gaze. Sometimes what we see, good and bad, gets stuck in our throat.

That’s the beauty of it all.