august hockey

by underswansea


Took in a hockey game tonight. It has been a long time since I’ve taken pictures in the Eddie Mountain Memorial. The light is the shits and you have to shoot through glass. Back in the newspaper days we used to have to push 1600 film to get anything. It was a pain in the ass to process the film because it took so long and had to be done separately from other rolls. What we did get was super grainy shots. They worked out fine for the newspaper that was printed in black and white with photos screened to 85 lpi.


The local Columbia Valley Rockies put on a good show in exhibition winning 4 -2 and outshooting Fernie by a wide margin. It was great to see a forward line made up of local players Kellen Marchand, Damon Raven and Nick Hoobanoff. I’ve watched these players since they were youngsters. If they can prove to the coaching staff they can play together they could rack up plenty of points this season.


I ran into an old hockey buddy at the game. We both remarked there isn’t as much fighting anymore, and agreed that was a probably a good thing. He was always eager to toss the gloves.

He said, “Back then, somebody had to do it.”

The boys are off to a decent start.
RCE_1431The next home game is an exhibition against Golden this Thursday, September 3rd. Game time is 7:30 pm. Regular season starts on September 11th when the hometown Rockies host the Kimberley Dynamiters.