swallowed a bug

by underswansea



My old dog Slinky was a beautiful animal. She was a pure breed Wire Haired Dachshund. She was kind, trustworthy, obedient, brave and a constant companion and watchdog. She was also an untiring hunter. She chased birds, bugs and every kind of rodent. When she caught them, she ate them! Birds never agreed with her, but you couldn’t stop her from crunching them up. About six hours later she would regurgitate feathers.

Lisa and I were heartbroken when she died at the age of fourteen last fall. It wasn’t the same being in the bush without her. Come winter we decided to get another dog and decided it should be the same breed. They have such good qualities and match our lifestyle of walking the bush.

Willow is a wonderful dog. She looks very much like Slinky but is very different in many ways. She listens better and we have even taught her some tricks. She is also untiring in the bush and very brave. She is only nine months old and has already stood up to two full grown black bears, chest puffed, barking up a storm. She has my back and I appreciate it. Her and I have a relationship built on trust. She is an unfaltering friend while I try not to disappoint her. And when I do she forgives me in an instance.

What she doesn’t have is Slinky’s ‘killer instinct’. She likes to hunt and chase but rarely catches and when she does she doesn’t eat.

Yesterday morning Willow walked over to the window where a moth was frantically banging up against the glass. On the way over the moth flew directly at her. Willow opened her mouth and the moth flew inside past her white teeth. Her powerful jaws closed. A few seconds later her jaws opened and the moth flew out, unscathed but for a moment of doggy breath. The moth found the window and preceded to knock itself silly. Willow sat and watched.

Lisa and I remarked that we must have picked a pacifist Wire Haired Hound.

She is a beauty. Every know and again she gives me a sharp bark to tell me to look at her. When I do she says it would be better if we were walking the bush. It’s rare I disagree.