by underswansea


Smoke from forest fires burning in British Columbia and Washington State has rolled in turning the sky murky grey. It casts a flat orange light that can seem eery at times. After work Lisa, Willow and I went out for a load of wood. The air quality is the shits. We both could feel it when we exerted ourselves. Not so it was an issue, but just so you knew it was there. I remembered my father, in the later years of his life when he was suffering with breathing problems. This would have been hard on him.


We saw a red-tailed hawk on a limb that dove into the valley below. We wondered what he thought of the smoke. Note the mountains, which are close, obscured by smoke.


The photo of the sun below is interesting. If you look close sunspots on the surface of the sun can be seen. These are usually only captured using special filters. In this case the filter is smoke from forest fires. This photo can be clicked on and will open larger for a better look.