beets, carrots and kale

by underswansea

RCE_1200Carrot patch with seed flowers.

There is a special place in my heart for root vegetables. Perhaps it is because our gardening season is short and the veggies under ground survive and keep growing even after it turns cold. We are getting plenty of ripe tomatoes. I’ll be watching for frost soon. Covering them up when they need it. Hoping it doesn’t dip to -5 or below. That’s when a cover won’t help. But the last few years we’ve been lucky; early frosts but not below by much. The kale has been good. It grows in any condition and is as hardy as any root crop.

RCE_1193Bull’s Blood Beet.

Our lettuce is finished. Still we need salads. Grated beet and carrot with plenty of kale is a good one. Any vinaigrette will do. Lemon and oil, some garlic. I put in honey just because.

_LME8345Salad days. . . Julie is right it is hard to take pics of food. Despite the photo this was delicious!

Walked the dogs in the rain. A few claps of thunder. Neither the dogs or I barely noticed; that’s how good the rain felt. They ran getting their beards wet.

It still hasn’t turned, but it’s close. The wonderful thing about a garden is looking out there and thinking, ‘what should we have tonight’. Carrots always come up good in the rain.