mid august

by underswansea

RCE_1130Willow giving the air a whiff.

Plenty of rain in the last few days. It’s warm but fall is lurking – you can feel it. It’s easier to see in the bush. Willow and I were out this morning. Her tearing through the wet underbrush while I sipped strong coffee. She laid on the barks like she does when a bear is close. It was in a spot we often see the bruins. I saw Willow, between barks, rubbing on the ground. She found fresh bear shit and was rubbing it from her ear to shoulder! Small hunting dogs will do this to mask their own scent and follow prey undetected. Slinky and Ara were masters at rolling in anything with stink – I thought Willow may be further removed from the wild animal in her ancestry, but apparently not. The bear never showed. Why would it? The mountain is big enough for us.

Here is a few pics of what’s available.

RCE_1054Daisies on the sides of back roads. 


Peppery Bolete – edibility uncertain – says my guide book. Hmmm!


Strawberry Blight – Aboriginal people would crush to make paint.


Scotch Thistle – be careful where you put your backside down.


Juniper Berries – used to season meat. Recommended only if you enjoy rabbit tasting like gin!


Asters – grown here and in Siberia – so is said. Will last well after frost. 


Oregon Grape – edible but with a stone and sour. Contains the drug berberine used for treating inflammation. Also makes good wine for getting drunk.