mountain high

by underswansea

_LME7831A Perseid streaks above the Andromeda Galaxy.

Willow and I spent last night in the mountains in an attempt to rise above the smoke in the valley and spot a few Perseid meteors. We headed west into the Purcell’s. The road going was worse than I can remember. It was damn nerve raking in places, crossing slides just wide enough to fit the vehicle and on a slant with a straight drop off on the passenger side. I even had to put my beer down so I could hang onto the steering wheel with both hands!

perseid15.smA faint meteor and The Milky Way.

We saw a few really bright meteors. I was able to capture a few dimmer ones with the camera. It was a spectacular night spent just below the ridge among the wind twisted tamarack trees.


A thin waning crescent high above the smoke in the valley.

Just before sun up Willow and I walked up the ridge rising to over 9000ft. We spotted a sliver of moon and then watched the sun come up in all it’s glory. We lingered as the rocks turned red.

_LME7895Sun rise in the mountains.

The pika’s started calling and got Willow’s interest. I worried for a while that she may be led on a chase, but she stuck close. She is a good dog. On the way down, once we were back in the bush and driving the road I let her out to chase a rabbit. She deserved it. Again once I called she came bounding back, tongue out and grinning!

_LME7958Willow the ridge walker.

Tonight is the peak of the Perseids. We will head east into the Rockies where I’m more familiar. It will be all about spotting shooting stars. We had enough fooling around last night!

RCE_1064Rocky Mountain Chicken.