dry run

by underswansea

_LME7768.smLooking east.

The Perseid Meteor Shower will peak this Wednesday night / Thursday morning. The Perseids could be very good this year due to a moonless night.

I thought it would be a good idea to spend the night in the bush, take a few shots and get my bearings in preparation for the big night. Willow and I contemplating going down the slope where we picked mint the day before, then thought better of it. The walk was hard enough in daylight.

Constellations can be difficult to discern on dark nights because so many more stars are visible. In the above photo I have marked a few features of a small part of the night sky. The meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus. They will be able to be seen anywhere in the sky, but the tails will point back to this constellation.

Many Perseids could be seen tonight. Of course having the camera pointed in the right direction can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to hope for luck. There are techniques to improve your chances, however I still prefer relying on luck.

_LME7763.smPostcard from The Milky Way

It was a nice night in the bush. The waning moon was up but behind a ridge while I snapped a few pictures (this sentence only make sense if familiar with being in the mountains). The fiery eye of Taurus came up as the ridge was showing the dim morning light.

Very fine night.

For more info and photos see my article in e-Know (East Kootenay News Online Weekly) at: http://www.e-know.ca/regions/cranbrook/conditions-will-be-good-for-perseids-viewing/

_LME7782Taurus rising over the ridge directly below Pleiades.