by underswansea


It’s scary really – how much kale is in the garden. Last year we had four plants. Lisa harvested an entire plant early in the season instead of clipping the leaves so it could still produce. She still brings up how I sulked about losing that plant. It left us with only three. This year I planted more. Way more! Too much a matter of fact.

All the oldtimers like Swiss chard, but I can’t give the kale away. Most people over the age of 40 haven’t heard of it in this neck of the woods, and if they have they think it’s one of those ‘super’ foods that hipsters eat.

Lisa made a big bowl of crispy kale chips with olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper. They are a favourite of mine and I miss them as much as anything from the garden in the winter.

Nothing like cracking a PBR in summer and digging into a bowl of chips . . . damn, maybe I am turning into a hipster!