late night tour

by underswansea



hey mister how about a tour
10 bucks – 25 for the whole family
it s down the tracks through game trail willow scrub
along north blown drift wood twists
over water logged planks
the undersides covered in leeches and hellgrammites
it ain t far going but it s miles back
is this your wife and daughter
bring your daughter
she could come in handy
last time a boxcar of circus freaks derailed
what a site
worth ten times the price of admission
a dozen freaks laying bloodied disjointed and severed
running around making splints out of cattail rushes
bandages out of moose moss and swan feathers
that site don t leave a man anytime soon
if that ain t enough for you
i ve got a root cellar of sex dolls
i bring them up to body temp with gooseneck lamps
listen mister you can treat them however you want
nobody you know will be watching anyway
you can let it all hang out
they are all correct anatomically
bear no animosity
nor care bout foreign policy or nationality
they only want to spread a little hospi-fuckin-tality
if you know what i mean
come on mister do yourself a favour
this offer don t come around everyday
look at the sky it s turning red
my pockets are filled with pitch sticks
the bottom of my shoes have been resoled with firbark
i ve hid booze along the way to blaze the trail
the time is know mister
i ll extend you the earlybird special
it s a one time offer
provided you bring the women
shit don t make me beg
i m getting too fuckin old for this
did i mention fifty percent off.