by underswansea


Been sleeping under an open window these days. The rain sounds good and we’ve had plenty. It’s in anticipation of some time off. The rivers and mountains are calling. It would be nice, in light of the rain, if the government would lift the campfire ban, but that is unlikely. The ban is in place for people that burn pallets in dry bush without a drop of water for miles in any direction. I only light a few branches beside a creek to warm some grub and keep the bugs off. That’s the way an old timer taught me. Haven’t seen a better way yet, though enemies and friends both agree I don’t like change.


The garden flattened in the rain. The spud tops are dying back. The peas are as good as done. The beans are laying on the ground and will mildew if not picked, and they can’t be picked fast enough. I’ll try to freeze some on the weekend. The tomatoes have bent the cages with the weight of the fruit. They have another good three weeks to ripen. The zucchini is putting out. I try to pick them when they are small, no sense letting them get away from you. Of course, the carrots and beets are just fine, regardless of rain, heat, or cold. Some plants just get along.


It’s been cooling down. It’s a welcome reprieve. Even if it gets hot again, it won’t be stifling.