blue moon and sunset

by underswansea


Took off late. The young dog was smiling out the open window, tongue hanging, soaking up the smells. We’ve had rain. A few hot days have turned the back roads to dust. It doesn’t take long. The creeks are dry up top, earlier than I can remember. Neither Willow or I have been out in the past few days. We wonder the garden, but that’s not the same

The long weekend has the tourists buzzing from the city. They can’t be blamed. I had a hundred on my ass before turning off the highway onto an old mining road. They push. All in a hurry to go have fun, my friend Dave says.

Arrived at the top in time to watch the sun go down. Saw elk and deer on the way up. Smelled the ripe berries.

The bats flew. Saw through their wings in the setting sun. Nothing makes me happier. Willow gave a bark when they flew towards her to snag mosquitoes. Elk and moose wandered the top of the cut block.


We watched the moon come over the ridge in the opposite direction. It was later than expected. That’s what happens in the mountains.

On the backroads, on the way out, the lights on dim. No reason to see too far ahead.

The moon chased us home, as aggressive as a tourists headlights. The further down the more I mistook them.