by underswansea


We took off straight after work looking for Huckleberries. it’s still early, but everything is early this year. We saw two flocks of wild chickens – Ruffed Grouse. They flew into the trees when they saw us. The berries were out in force. We could smell them before we saw them. There is no better berry! It wasn’t long and I had enough for a batch of Huckleberry Grand Marnier Preserves. It will take us back to summer and the mountain side when we open a jar at Christmas.


Willow followed me around eating the berries off the bushes and watching the perimeter. Slinky used to dig for rodents. The berries are the best I’ve seen them in years. My hands and lips were purple.

Lisa held the fort back at the top of the slide while we roamed below. She says she doesn’t like picking, but she’s really keeping an eye out for bears. By the time Willow and I ambled back up, all that looking into the setting sun had brought Lisa’s freckles out. Willow ran to her – she must like them as much as me.


We rolled on home. Stopping for water and to take a couple more photos. The berries are hitting their stride and the mountain deserves a few more trips. Like freckles you can never have too many Huckleberries.