supper table

by underswansea


The table was crowded tonight. We had steak and vegetables from the garden; zucchinis, spuds, beets, carrots and a handful of dill, tarragon and rosemary.

The little man is wandering. It is tough to be along.

We were all nursing sunburns from being on the river.

When the kids were small a craftsman made the table for us. He made it nine feet long. It was a harvest table. He made it from fir planks he found in an old slab pile. He said no telling how old they were.

It’s always been too big for us.


Maddy did her homework on the table. She pushed her pencil so hard, I can still read her math problems today. I’ve thought about refinishing the table, but I can’t bear to lose her work. It was tough for her. But she did it.

Cooper sat at the table tonight, along with his great grandparents.

The river and sun, along with herons and kingfishers were hanging free. After all we were just paddling. The sun did it’s shining.


Raindrops and clouds gathered around tricking the cast of light, damn near down. We did the same like we couldn’t see how late it was.

Lisa and I couldn’t have been happier. We made the table big for a reason.

Very good day.