strong dog

by underswansea


Willow having a rest.

Today my little dog Willow really showed me what she is made of.

Chad and I planned to go hiking. It was going to be a pretty good slog over boulders and a steep rise in elevation. Last night while talking about the hike I realized Willow would be left alone, as Lisa is still in Calgary. I couldn’t bear to leave her alone all day so I decided to bring her along. My old dogs Slinky and Ara used to do these hikes but they were older, and full grown.


First Lake.

Willow is young, with boundless energy, but I worried about the creek crossings and the boulders.

_LME7548The walk.

We hit the trail head just after 8 am. It was going to be hot. Willow made the first creek crossing no problem, walking a plank while the creek raged below. We rose up through the trees and into the rocks. Willow found a big toad that excited her. Every time it hopped Willow jumped back.

IMG_0188.JPGPanorama – Photo By Chad

We made the lake before noon. Shared some meat and cheese, snapped some pics and decided to hike the slope to get a view from above. Chad and I wondered, rising and falling in elevation. The wind kept us cool on a day that would be scorching in the valley bottom. Willow kept pace every inch of the way, other than a couple boulders I carried her over.

The lakes are glacier fed, cold as a ice and green blue just the way they should be. The site of them never ceases to amaze.


We lingered here and there, marvelled over old snags and giant spruce. We pushed to better vantage points and drank from springs bubbling from the rocks.


We arrived off the mountains at 4:30 happy and tired – the good tired. Judging by the wag and bark Willow was happiest of all. She is an incredible dog.

_LME7603Willow finding her route.