feeling the heat

by underswansea


In an attempt to beat the heat Willow and I took for the creek that runs off the mountains behind Swansea. It was good to rise up and leave the ruck of the crowd behind in the valley bottom.

The tourists are out in full force. They are a maddening crowd. I watched two yelling in the grocery store parking lot after bumping into each other. Coffee cups and cigarette butts fly out of speeding vehicle windows. Everything is motorized and puffing smoke, not surprising as most are from the oil rich province of Alberta. Prices for everything from a loaf of bread to a litre of gas spike during summer while wages for local people are driven down. Constantly being told by businesspeople and politicians that it’s all good for us is annoying. It shows their disconnect at best, and their greed at worst. The season is something to both witness and endure.


It’s time to go into survival mode. Every local resident has their own way of dealing with it. Lisa and I spend as much time as possible in the mountains. By September we will have collected our firewood.


It was 10° cooler in the bush. Willow walked in the creek. Butterflies and moths landed on Wood Lillies. I could hear Warblers in the trees, Willow heard them too, but we never caught a glimpse. Morning would have been better for bird watching.

Butterflies and moths flew jauntily from flower to flower, drying their new wings. They will be easy picking, come later for the birds still hidden.


Tomorrow morning we’ll head back into the mountains. It’s good to be this close.