story time again

by underswansea


a few shots were fired
fuck all for damage
one ricocheted
put a hole in the plaster
behind her shoulder
she was pissed
came after him
swinging a small hatchet
he ducked the first one
turned her quick
put her in a bear hug
her feet were off the ground
her ass wiggling against
his cock.

she calmed
he set her free laughing
she swung the hatchet
he blocked most of it
the blade hit his head
set him back against
the wall with the bullet hole
his hand touched blood
he was leaking pretty good
he could taste it
it was in his eyes.

they never did have a good relationship
he flirted
she would smoke weed
outside the bar
with anybody who asked
most of the time
they left with each other
they both had staying power
dangerous in a couple
they’d dance to the end
in closing time glare
after wearing the others out.

but now the gunplay
going down
him wanting an apple
on her head
swinging axes
splitting the night
with blood.

he was on his knees
searching for the gun
he was blind
palms patting the floor
his hands slipping
she had it
he heard it cock
he was dead in his tracks.

she placed it in his bloody hands
pressed herself
against the barrel
she closed her eyes
he could never live up
to her expectations.