the last of the red-hot radishes

by underswansea


It seems no sooner are they in and they are ready to come out. I pulled the rest of the radishes this weekend. They are used to mark the rows of carrots. The radishes germinate quick, the carrots slow. By the time they are finished the carrots are ready to take over. There were only a few left, having eaten most of them, but the remaining radishes had grown to a pretty good size. . . and they were damn hot!


Willow watched me wash and cut them, while getting in the way and trying to steal a root or two away.  Once she had a couple, she played fetch with them, finally tiring and ripping them apart. Surely the French Breakfast couldn’t make her breath any worse!

The garden is looking great. The peas are blossoming as well as the spuds. Lisa made a big batch of kale chips on Friday night. Hunter and I devoured them, leaving not a crumb. The early planting is paying off. It looks like we will have new potatoes for Lisa’s birthday on July 8th.

So long to the radishes for another year.