by underswansea


Lisa and I are still waiting for the call from Kelsie saying she is in labour. She is three days overdue. We are sticking within cell phone range. Lisa is on pins and needles. I’m not as anxious, I know our grandchild will be born right on time, exactly when he wants to.

This evening, I convinced Lisa to let me run up the creek. I’d only be out of service for an hour or so, plus we needed the water jugs filled. She said, ‘You’re going to look for orchids, aren’t you?’

She knows me too well!


The yellow and wood orchids are finishing blooming. They are beautiful but only last a short time. I caught them at the end. Willow kept watch, growling on and off. On the way back to the truck I snapped a picture of a white bloom on a club like stem. It was growing on the edge of a stream. To my delight, when looking it up in my guide books, I identified it as a White-Flowered Bog Orchid. A wonderful discovery!


On the way back off the mountain I stopped to take a photo of a rainbow on the edge of the valley. The rain was coming our way. Another couple miles and I was back in range. It had been less than an hour. I texted Lisa – still no baby!