lunch break

by underswansea


It was a quick day. That’s the way it seems when busy. You have to plan ahead. People think when they have nothing to do they are living in the moment. That’s not the way it works. Everything good comes from minds on the run.

Had lunch below the bridge on Toby Creek. Picked a log that made both a perfect bench and seat. Willow wondered but not far. All of a sudden I heard her alarm bark. I nearly dropped my chicken. There were two Golden Retrievers standing beside each of my shoulders. Tongues out, tails wagging. I hadn’t noticed them begging.

Willow came to my side, still giving the bark. The Retrievers were good-natured. I’m sure they looked at each other and laughed. Their owner came hiking down the trail, apologizing if they’d caused a problem.

Willow calmed and went to the rivers edge with the two big dogs. I think she marvelled at how deep they could go in the creek. The water dogs owner and I shot the shit.

Willow won’t back down, but’s not aggressive. That’s a good way to be . . . when you have four-inch legs.

The Retrievers nudged on. Their owner and I said farewell. Willow found my pant cuff. They went down the creek and we went up, just the way it should work. Willow’s figuring we are in this together.

Our walk back was off the path through thickets and speargrass, smelly low lying blossoms and lashing branches – just the way we like it.