star light

by underswansea


The stars are out bright. Venus and Jupiter inch closer. It’s after midnight before it’s dark. The buildings hold the heat. The only relief is on the outside. It would be good to be hunkered in the bush tonight. Feeling the cool. Some are driven by a full moon. It’s the new moon that makes me wonder. The only shadows are cast by the light of The Milky Way. Those are special shadows and almost extinct now. Nothing will bring them back. We care too much about ruining natures gifts, like it’s a sign of our superiority to do so. Today, I watched a sparrow get taken by an eagle. It was easy for the eagle. The sparrow served a purpose. It may have young in the banks. They will teeter out of there nests, fall and get eaten by skunks or snakes.

We put in time. Some of the time is worse than others. I’d like to pull down a blind on the news. It wouldn’t miss me. Nor would my job. I’d like to pull down a blind on the street lights, so Venus and Jupiter could be seen the way they were meant to.

The coyotes yap. My little dog has a lot to learn. She needs to know about swift running creeks, crumbling banks and every living thing bigger than her.