yellow lady’s slipper

by underswansea


Lisa and I took off for the creeks tonight. We were looking for bears. Last week we saw a beauty. The best time to look is right around sundown. These days we are under strict time constraints because we may get a call from Kelsie saying the baby is coming. Lisa doesn’t want to be out of cell phone range for very long.


The bears kept hidden. Willow and I walked around, checking out the creek, while Lisa tapped her foot. I noticed a spring where there wasn’t one before. Springs have a way of working to the surface on the mountain side and it always fascinates me. Willow and I set off to explore. We walked a short ways through the thick bush tracing the water until we found it bubbling out of the earth.


All around were orchids, yellow and white. I have walked this area many times and had never seen them. Perhaps it was the new spring. Whatever the case it was amazing. Yellow orchids are beautifully scented and quite rare. While at the newspaper, every few years somebody would bring in a photo of a yellow orchid and we always made sure we published it, without stating the location. I’ve read some wild orchids are protected by security in parts of England. They should never be picked. The flower is gathering nutrients to bloom the next year. Without the flower the plant may not live.


Lisa yelled Willow and I off the mountain. We had to get back into cell phone range. It was an exceptional find!