run off

by underswansea

RCE_0280Creek colours.

Willow and I had a morning walk along the Columbia. The fish are at the end of their spawn with significant less numbers than even a few days before. The cloudy run off from the mountains is mixing with the clear water from of the valley bottom. It will be interesting to see if the run off backs into the lakes. This is a regular occurrence, though this year seems drier with less snow pack up high.

RCE_0283Service Berries (Saskatoons).

A few days before, in this same spot, a yellow and black water snake glided between my feet into the water. It stayed on the surface of the water, gracefully navigating the current, then went limp for a few seconds and darted under the water, heading for the other side of the river with amazing speed. They are harmless of course, yet always give me a start. For this reason I let Willow lead the way when we were at waters edge. I figured she may as well scare any low lying reptiles, that happen to be sunning themselves, off the path. I know I’m a coward, but I do a lot for her!

RCE_0291.2Willow playing in the clay.