by underswansea


Did a load of work on Saturday to have most of Sunday free. Lisa, Willow and I planned on breakfast in the mountains. We didn’t start rolling until about 9 am (these nights shifts are screwing with my weekends). Still it was good to get into the bush. The creeks are flowing high with the recent rain, but not near as high as they should be at this time of year.

Lisa looked for bears. I told her not to get her hopes up, because of our late start. The day was going to be warm. As luck would have it, we rounded a corner and 100 meters ahead was a beauty of a bear. It was a cinnamon coloured Black Bear, fully grown. We all looked at each other and it slipped over the bank. Willow didn’t see it. I commented, she has a lot to learn.

We carried on and had breakfast further up the mountain than we planned. Bears have always afforded me space and I’ve always tried to offer the same courtesy.

We ate our breakfast on an old logging landing. Willow sniffed around for mice. It was cool, the sun was already high and the pines and tamaracks had phosphorescent green illuminating the new growth on every tip.

On the way back down we saw the same bear. Further down this time. Willow didn’t see it, but got a whiff and started barking. The bear wasted no time getting in the bush. Willow stayed close sounding the alarm. My old dogs were good at telling me when an animal was close and I appreciated it. Lisa commented, she is coming around.

I agreed. She is still all puppy, asleep half the time and running apeshit the other half. I hold her to a high standard and it looks like she is going to turn out.