by underswansea


Everything is green. It’s been raining on and off for a week. Grass, bushes, leaves, this is when the growing gets done. The garden is taking off. The creeks are filling up. There is still snow up high. In the shadows it will last into August. It won’t last all year anymore, like it needs to for glaciers to grow.

I can’t tell the difference between shades of green like I can between shades of grey, or white or blue. The mountains cast a shade of blue on everything. The best I can do is frame green. Maybe because we only see it for a short time.

There’s a hot spell coming. The green will die down and be replaced with orange and yellow. The blue will perk up as opposites do.

The birds hid in the greenery. They sang undetected, then flew into the sky where they were seen. I don’t know why, but i”m glad they did. They flew for bugs, skimming the water.

Blue and green are always fighting for souls.