muddying the water

by underswansea


The rain keeps up, but looks like it will break by evening. Willow and I walked down the river. The Columbia turns the colour of clay after Toby. The river flows clear and muddy, taking a mile for the two to mix. The fish gather on the clear side in large schools. They are White Suckers with a few Char among them. The Suckers are a course fish and not good eating. However, they were eaten by people long ago. The first white explorer in the area, David Thompson, mentions these fish in his journals calling them ‘mullet’. There are very few native fish left in the water’s of Columbia or Windermere Lakes. These fish have a bad reputation, like many other natural things, including people, left over from a past time. If it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose, aesthetic or monetary, it is destined to be ploughed under. One look at the east side of Lake Windermere, with it’s vacation mansions and boat slips, confirms the destruction and displacement of nature. It is good to see these fish. I consider them the wise old timers.