garden – may 24th

by underswansea


The garden is in, early and on time..

A few storm clouds gathered late, kicked some dust, but never amounted to anything. It’s dry, still no water in the creeks past the mine.

My plants have had it with my delinquent care. They can only take so much. Either too much sun or cold. They only get watered when I think of it. The tomatoes grew in the shape of fish hooks. The peppers blossomed thinking it was fall. I could almost hear them sigh relief when they were planted in the garden.


I planted the beans – tendergreen – I haven’t tasted a bester one. It is the only seed I held back on, knowing they don’t do well in the cold. Everything else is up and looks good. I munched some lettuce. It should be ready in earnest and abundance next week.

The beets were planted too thick. The thinnings will be in the salads. The carrots are too thick and will be a pain in the ass to thin. The radishes will be ready next weekend.

RCE_9766Lisa and I brought back a load of firewood Saturday night. You can never start too early or leave it in the bush. Willow ran hither and yon. Near dark, on the way home a black bear crossed the road. It was good to see. I worry about them.

It seems like i never have enough room. Lisa reminds me the garden could be smaller now the kids have moved away. It produces more than we can eat. We freeze, pickle and store. I can’t plan it any other way. We give most away and I’m fine with that.

The final tally: spuds – Norland and Yukon Gold, peas – Green Arrow; beets – Detroit Dark Red; beans – Tendergreen; carrots – Red Chantenay; lettuce – too many to list; cabbage – red; leeks, onions, radish – French Breakfast; herbs – tarragon, basil, thyme, lavender and rosemary.


And tomatoes – Cherokee, Early Girl, Black Cherry and Brandywine. All stripper names from the 80’s!