calypso bulbosa

by underswansea


Took to the creeks to look for Venus’s Lady Slippers. I’ve had my eye out for them, taking note of the single broad leaves on the mossy forest floor. This weekend they magically opened to the fine weather. There’s still plenty of snow in the mountains. We push higher every week just to get our feet wet.


The garden is mostly in. We are expecting a cold night tonight. It is as clear as a bell, deep blue and I was able to spot Venus shortly after the sun was down. Ten minutes later Jupiter appeared. The moon is new and in perigee. The spuds, carrots, radish, peas, lettuce, beets and kale are up. Next weekend I’ll plant the tomatoes, squash, beans and peppers.

_LME6687The plants I’ve started look pretty ruff. They don’t have an easy life with me. I put them outside in the cold and they get burned by the sun. I tell them, it’s up to them to strive in the conditions. They go from one shock to another. Soon they will be planted and feeling a lot better.


In the valley bottom Heart Shaped Arnica is blooming on the dry benches. They are also known as false sunflowers for obvious reasons. They were a food source for Aboriginal People. I picked a few young shoots and munched away. The bulbs can be cooked and I will have to try them someday.


Spring has taken hold. Feral cats can be heard fighting and fucking. The sun can’t be denied, nor the night of stars.

star trails.low