good intentions

by underswansea


Went back out tonight to photograph the returning Milky Way. The night before I had some good results but was in a tight area. Tonight I travelled to wider skies. It was my intention to be lying in wait while it climbed at 5 am above a snow-covered range.


The night had some beautiful green aurora to the north. I hoped they might turn to spikes and start to dance, but they stayed still in the atmosphere.

Since it was a moonless night I didn’t expect to be able to see the snow on the mountains. However, the green and red Northern Lights illuminated the snow and ice, giving it a somewhat surreal look.

_LME5868The Milky Way above Northern Lights

By 2:30 the clouds started to roll in. Making only the brightest stars visible and bloated in the grayling sky.

_LME5887Snow capturing the aurora glow shining opposite.

There would be no Milky Way rising tonight. My great plans were shot. Last night I had The Milky Way but no foreground. Tonight I had the foreground and direction while the clouds rolled.

_LME5888The clouds take over

That’s okay. I’ve never been much for perfect pictures. It should be about place and the moment. Neither can be controlled or composed. I like that.

_LME5890Nights end