my valentine

by underswansea


It’s been a few years now we’ve been hanging out. I’ve been thumbing through some old negatives. Taken with that old twin reflex 120 camera. Things haven’t changed much. It’s still a black and white world, where pictures have to develop, stop and fix. I have to laugh, in the photos you are either naked, pregnant or with one of our beautiful babies. That’s the way it works, I reckon.

You made your own bathing suits and dresses. When I took pregnancy pictures, you enticed me more yet.


We had some lean years early. I wished to give you more. You always said we would look back fondly.


We’ve driven some old beat up trucks together, made love on mountaintops, and beside rivers full with runoff, and again, in deep fall when they cleared like blue sky.

Our babies have grown. We have more babies ahead. There is still plenty of backroads we haven’t driven. I still look for flat smooth comfortable rocks along the river and try to trick you down to the edge.