by underswansea


If you want to see the miracles of the bush you have to stop looking. If you look for deer or owls or old cabins you won’t find them. You have to be looking in the right place of course. But you have to let your eyes forget what your brain wants to see. It’s simple really.

You have to let your instincts take over. Be with the clouds on the ridges and the rush in the creek. Look to the treetops and stars. They are pulling. At first you will deny it. Pull back even. It happens to everybody. It takes time.


After awhile you’ll see shapes without looking; antlers in thickets, mountain goats on slides, fish swimming upstream, chickadees tangled in willows, eagles soaring the empty sky and dovetails among the deadfalls. You’ll wonder how you didn’t notice before.

And once you see it you’ll always see it.